• About Us

    The Sinowei team are experienced international food & beverage traders, with a strong focus of selling into China. The team are based in China, Malaysia, UK, Ireland and USA.

    We are building a cross border B2B market place which showcases food & beverage products from around the globe. The Sinowei platform will be accessible on all Chinese social media especially via smartphones on WeChat. The platform will be deployed and managed from Shanghai to ensure no restrictions are presented by the tech firewall around China. The Sinowei team are connected to and engaging with a network of Chinese buyers eager to connect with suppliers from outside of China. We understand how B2B (Business to Business) trading works in China and can ensure producers win and execute business contracts into the country.

    Our objective is to create a company which focuses on connecting Chinese companies to opportunities in the UK, Ireland and Europe. This may include investments into UK / Irish companies, and/or joint ventures, and/or tourism and/or trade and/or technology transfers and/or educational facilities for Chinese students.
    Whichever sectors that the Chinese delegations would like our team to focus on - we can deliver successful round table meetings with governments, public and private bodies, companies and individuals. We can manage investments, conduct due diligence on target investments, organize shareholder agreements and represent the investor going forward.

    Our Team

    Gerry O’Reilly CEO &FOUNDER
    Founder / Director at Sinowei. Sinowei facilitates trade between food & beverage producers in Europe with buyers in China. We work with and on behalf of European producers and Chinese clients.

    Gerry is a seasoned entrepreneur with significant experience in international trade. Other experience includes: identifying & closing investment opportunities, legal contracts, due diligence, brokering deals, technology & pharma, board representation on behalf of investors.

    Jessica has lots of experience in international trade of foods & beverages, she is specialized in Asia market (especially in China). Jessica not only cooperates with Chinese importers but also contacts with Sinowei's team in China. She also attends foods expo, meeting buyers and keeps close touch with the buyers/importers. Jessica also cooperates with the overseas suppliers by assisting them to develop the biz-opportunities in China's market, and ensure the smooth biz cooperation by offering diff. suggestions.

    Charlie - MANAGER (SHANGHAI)
    Charlie also has lots of experience in foods import & export industry. He can offer good solutions on sales, OEM, compliance, logistics., etc to China's importers.

    Adrian O’Reilly (COO) -
    Numerous years of experience in developing and supplying high-value contracts for international markets, raising finance and investment through various venture capital companies.

    Experienced business professional with numerous high-level company positions in different industries such as food & technology. Keen problem-solving background, strategic planning and consulting role in a number of companies, executing business plans and building financial models, building successful teams, developing international brands and led discussions with international governmental departments relating to agriculture export.

    Design & Marketing Director Fiona Quinn & Manager Peter Meenagh
    In addition to being responsible for the marketing of Sinowei, Fiona Quinn works closely with Peter Meenagh on the design, look & feel of the SINOWEI platform. Fiona is responsible for creating awareness and building the community of the SINOWEI platform. Fiona is an experienced social media marketing practitioner. Fiona is creating and executing the Sinowei marketing strategy including brand presence, key messaging, targeted initiatives and success measurement Peter Meenagh is a freelance web and graphic designer. Peter holds a 1st class honours graduate of Interactive Multimedia Design and specializes in UI/UX design, front-end coding in HTML and CSS. Peter works closely with Fiona and Kieran to create appealing User Interface (UI) design and (UX) user experience. This UI/UX also works bi-lingual in China.

    Irene Robinson - Chief Finance Officer FCA.
    A chartered accountant, Irene will be responsible for all accounting and financial matters at SINOWEI. Irene divides her time between working for Sinowei and Action Renewables, Belfast. Irene holds a first-class honours degree in Economics and Accounting, a master’s in accounting, and a Postgraduate Diploma in IT applications. She is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. Irene’s role will be to oversee the financial management and administration functions of the company and to advise the board on financial strategy and planning.
    Irene started her career with Ernst & Young and eventually moved into the private sector, holding various roles including a financial controller for organizations with turnover up to £180m.

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