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    Sinowei services to Chinese delegations

    • Our objective is to connect Chinese companies & individuals to opportunities in the UK and Ireland. This can include investments into UK / Irish companies, and/or joint

    ventures, and/or tourism and/or trade and/or technology transfers and/or educational facilities for Chinese students. Whichever sectors that the Chinese delegations would like

    our team to focus on - we can deliver successful round table meetings with governments, public and private bodies, companies and individuals.

    • We can organise full agenda visits for Chinese delegations to Ireland (Dublin) UK (London) Scotland (Edinburgh) Northern Ireland (Belfast)

    Sinowei offer

    We can organise high level engagement with any of the following departments and government agencies in Ireland, same goes for London, Belfast and Edinburgh :

    1. Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine

    2. Department of Education & Skills

    3. Department of Business, Enterprise & Innovation

    4. Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport

    5. Enterprise Ireland - is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.

    • Irish Development Authority - Provide comprehensive support to companies as they consider why Ireland is the country best suited for investment.

    • Bord Bia – Irish Food Board

    • Dublin Institute of Technology

    • Tourism Ireland

    • Ireland Strategic Investment Fund

    • Agri-Food Technology Group

    • Pharmaceutical Ireland

    • We can organise whatever agenda the Chinese delegations would like to achieve


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