• Republic of Whiskey

    At the Republic of Whiskey, we are independent bottlers of the finest mature Irish whiskey. Our mission is to explore the possibilities and produce spirit that is innovative, independent and inclusive; whiskey that reflects the true modern values and character of the northern part of our island.
    Here, the history of distilling dates back to the mid-6th century. And in the 19th century when the industry was at its height, Belfast whiskey-makers were the modernisers of the nation. They drew from their links with the rest of Ireland, with Scotland and with all the technological advancements of the day. In doing so, Belfast continually produced whiskey that was notable for its innovation, its independence and its inclusivity.
    We are now producing spirit that reflects the ethos of a true Republic for the 21st Century – not a state, but a state of mind. Our republic of Whiskey is a combination of open-minded individuals who want to push the boundaries of Irish whiskey beyond the homogenous, the bland, the mundane. We are the new generation of whiskey makers, drawing from our city’s past achievements and for the spirit’s diverse future and all it has to offer you.


    700ml / Bottle

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